A purpose-built solution can not only maximize the return on your installation investment, it can enhance your team’s sterilization, washing, storage, and handling workflows for years to come. When you need new equipment, continuity is key — you need experts who know your facility, your desired workflows, and your long-term maintenance abilities.

From new facility builds, to simple replacement and quality assessment, Spire delivers lasting solutions with every installation project.

Our design and installation specialists will work in lockstep with your team — or your local contractor or installer — to ensure Spire’s solutions are up to spec and on budget. Remotely or on site, as an active lead or in a supervisory role, Spire’s team will provide the installation support you need.


Spire provides installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) to verify that equipment hardware and software are properly installed and functioning. Performance qualification (PQ) support is provided when requested. From delivery and first use, to post-maintenance requalification, Spire’s technicians will ensure equipment is primed for day-to-day use.

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

Your objectives shape the solutions Spire delivers. We make this promise a reality by working to achieve the operational goals you define through site acceptance testing (SAT). Close collaboration throughout design, delivery, and installation processes ensures equipment status, maintenance regimens, and performance are in line with your expectations.