At the end of May, 2011, PRIMUS added generic spare parts lists for all steam sterilizer sizes to the PRIMUS website –

These lists are meant to serve as a web-based supplement to the respective parts lists included with each PRIMUS Operator’s Manual.

The lists can be easily accessed by going to the Online Store, Products or Service sections on the Home page. In the Online Store section, click on Order Sterilizer Parts. At the bottom of the Products list on the far left side of the page will be Recommended Spare Parts. Click on this icon and it will take you to the list of sterilizer sizes. Alternatively, in the Service section, click on the Recommended Spare Parts.

Recommended Spare Parts (RSP) used for routine preventive maintenance (PM) are highlighted in blue. These consumable parts should always be maintained in inventory at every sterilizer location in order to avoid costly and unnecessary downtime.

Spare parts kits containing all the RSP can be prepared and shipped to end users and ASA under one invoice to reduce administrative and purchasing costs.

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