PRIMUS sterilizers autoclaves can be upgraded by spire integrated solutions

Take Any Major Brand Sterilizer to the Next Level with an UPGRADE by Spire Integrated Solutions.

  • Spire can upgrade almost any major brand of sterilizer depending on the condition of the unit (which is determined during a PM visit)
  • An upgrade can take less than 8 weeks to complete (start-to-finish)
  • An upgrade can cost 90% less than buying new
  • An upgrade takes 90% less time to install than buying new
  • An upgrade doesn’t require any construction or rigging
  • An upgrade doesn’t incur any logistics cost
  • Upgrading extends the life of your sterilizer
  • The PSS11 upgrade integrates with Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Flexibility of cycles/improved performance
  • Process changes – improve cycle performance
  • Spire Integrated Solutions has Upgrading an autoclave down to a science.

how to upgrade a steam sterilizer by PRIMUS by Spire Integrated Solutions

What are the 3 levels of equipment upgrades?

1) Controls upgrade only includes PLC and control screen.

2) Controls upgrade plus selected components, outdated or unavailable components. Examples of items that might be replaced include piping, pneumatic pilot valve bank, gaskets, etc.

3) Full upgrade everything is replaced except vessel (chamber) and door(s) and possibly components that are still viable.

RECOMMENDATION: Spire recommends an UPGRADE level during an initial preventative maintenance visit or onsite assessment. During upgrades SPIRE maintains existing cycle profiles.

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Visit our Upgrades Page to read how to get started upgrading your major brand of steam sterilizer.

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