Spire Integrated Solutions’, inSpire Institute hosted a 3-day, deep dive into troubleshooting, maintenance, and autoclave care for the PRIMUS-brand healthcare sterilizer.

Sterilizer School: Day One


Introduction to Steam Basics

Chamber and Jacket Temperature/Pressure Profiles

Understanding Plumbing and Controls

Component Identification and Function

Control Box Overview/Component Identification

Sensors and Inputs

Vacuum Systems Printers Sterilization Cycles

Boilers/Water and Steam Quality/Water Conservation,

Control System Diagnostic Modes, and Sterilizer Options

Sterilizer School: Day 2

Demonstration of Troubleshooting Skills

Component Rebuild

Software Misconceptions – What It Can and Cannot Do

Effective Use of a Printout for Troubleshooting

Calibrations and Testing

Review the Spire Integrated Solutions Website & online Parts store

Troubleshooting bugs within the sterilizer

In this picture, our students are troubleshooting sterilizer problems from our Innovation Hub. Spire’s Innovation Hub is where we design and final test our lines of healthcare and life science autoclaves.

Steam Sterilizer School: Day 3

Why is it important that a sterilizer/autoclave must reach specific temperatures to ensure microorganisms on surgery and laboratory tools are killed?

The two common steam-sterilizing temperatures are 121°C (250°F) and 132°C (270°F). These temperatures (and other high temperatures) must be maintained for a specified amount of time to kill microorganisms.

Wet Packs

Doors and Gaskets

Conducting proper sterilizer preventative maintenance

PRIMUS electric 

PRIMUS Customer Service Call Process

Installation and Start-up Issues


Steam sterilizer troubleshooting and preventative maintenance are a big part of what our inSpire Institute students are learning during Day 3 training.

Attend Spire’s inSpire Institute, today!

Spire Integrated Solutions encourages all ASAs to attend Spire’s 3-day intense PRIMUS Sterilizer Training. Spire’s InSpire Institute offers a steam sterilizer training program, every quarter, hosted by Chuck D’Angelone at Spire Headquarters in Orlando, Florida. 

Need information about Spire’s next InSpire Institute Sterilizer Training – contact Chuck D’Angleone for all the details.

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