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Kuhlman Steam Autoclave from Primus Sterilizer


During the 1990’s, PRIMUS entered into an agreement with Kuhlman Technologies Inc. to build Kuhlman branded steam sterilizers for the bio-pharma and general laboratory markets.

The agreement was for a period of 5 years and was not renewed upon expiration.

Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers
During the 5 year contract period, PRIMUS built over 100 Kuhlman Technologies sterilizers having vessel serial numbers falling between 15202 and 15598.
The sterilizers had the following model numbers:
PP – Designating PharmaPro®
PL – Designating PharmaLab®
KTI – Designating Kuhlman Technologies Inc. laboratory sterilizers

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts
Many Kuhlman customers purchase their replacement parts from PRIMUS since the sterilizers were manufactured by PRIMUS.

“PRIMUS receives calls from the field asking if the company can still supply parts for older Kuhlman sterilizers. Yes, PRIMUS can still supply parts for older Kuhlman sterilizers if the original parts are still available.”

Dave Schall, VP of Aftermarket Service, PRIMUS Sterilizer

What if the PRIMUS Part is Unavailable?

If a requested part is no longer available from the OEM, PRIMUS will typically offer a functionally equivalent part. Many times, the offered part is currently used on new PRIMUS sterilizers.

Factory Service

Factory Service
PRIMUS also provides Factory Field Service to Kuhlman sterilizer owners. These Factory Field Service trips can be very helpful in keeping older Kuhlman sterilizers operational.

Want to UPGRADE that Kuhlman to PRIMUS Standards?

Want to UPGRADE that Kuhlman steam sterilizer to PRIMUS sterilizer Standards?

Did you know that you can upgrade your Kulman Sterilizer to current design standards? PRIMUS by Spire Integrated Solutions can upgrade any name brand sterilizer in the Life Science industry.

Tom Weaver, General Manager, Spire Integrated Solutions
Spire Integrated Solutions upgrades steam sterilizers and PRIMUS autoclaves

Upgrade your sterilizer with Spire Integrated Solutions and experience the following benefits:

  • Wide compatibility: Spire can upgrade most major sterilizer brands, subject to a preliminary assessment to determine the unit’s condition.
  • Fast turnaround: Get your upgraded sterilizer back in operation quickly, typically within 4 weeks from start to finish.
  • Significant cost savings: Upgrading is substantially cheaper than purchasing new equipment, costing around 90% less.
  • Simplified installation: The upgrade process is quick and easy, with no need for construction, rigging, or additional logistics.
  • Extended lifespan: Breathe new life into your existing sterilizer and extend its operational life.
  • Advanced features: The PSS11 upgrade offers enhanced features like Building Management System (BMS) integration, cycle flexibility for improved performance, and process changes to optimize cycle efficiency.

Spire Integrated Solutions is your one-stop shop for expert autoclave upgrades.

Kuhlman Steam Sterilizer Replacements

As a Kuhlman sterilizer reaches its end of life, PRIMUS can offer a current PRIMUS sterilizer with an identical footprint.

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