What is a Modular Wall or Mod Wall?

A modular-wall system allows you to keep existing walls within your current laboratory and use wall cladding (overlay) that provides seamless internal walls and coved corners within the confines of the lab space.

PRIMUS Manufactures Mod Walls

Spire Integrated Solutions will custom manufacture and install any stainless steel modular barrier wall to meet your application and specifications. These modular walls can either close out a service area behind a single-sided piece of equipment or create a physical barrier between pass-through equipment such as an autoclave, cage, rack washer, or tunnel washer.

Technical Overview

This manufacturing capability can be used with our steam sterilizers as fascia or enclosures, but we are also expanding this offering to include general-purpose Modular Wall applications. Laboratories and Healthcare facilities use Modular Wall systems to allow future flexibility in space configuration.

The PRIMUS Modular Wall System offers the following features:

  1. The modular wall system consists of standard U-channels that are attached to the walls, floor, and ceiling. Panels are mounted and secured into the U-channels
  2. Panels will be installed on-site into the top “U” channel at an angle and then set down on the lower “U” channel. The 1st panel will slide into either the left or right side “U” channels when starting the wall system. Subsequent panels will be mounted side by side.
  3. Panels will fit side by side with a removable locking system behind the modular wall system to provide rigidity
  4. Panels will be 16 gauge #4 brushed vertical grain 304 stainless steel in standard widths
  5. “U” channels shipped in standard lengths allow the installer to cut to fit on site
  6. Installation can be performed easily by either our Authorized Service Agents or local sheet metal contractors based on end-user contract requirements
  7. PRIMUS will supply service access doors and additional customization as required for the job site specifications
  8. Standard PRIMUS 1-year warranty will apply
  9. PRIMUS will detail the Modular Wall Systems in standard approval drawings utilizing our Engineering Design Department
  10. Single point supplier responsibility for both the steam sterilizer and modular walls


The Modular Wall introduction is an effort by PRIMUS to broaden and strengthen our product offering. It is a complimentary product to our strong line of steam sterilizers and offers customers the added benefit of “one-stop shopping.”

Modular wall products represent a large capital investment by PRIMUS, reinforcing the company’s continued commitment to Quality and Excellence.

Have a question? Talk to Dave Schall, our PRIMUS sterilizer expert who is here to assist you anytime at 877.679.7800 extension 1212 or email at dschall@spire-is.com.

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