PRIMUS maintains OEM remanufactured Keltron and Cybertech printers in stock and ready for shipment from our Omaha Parts Warehouse.

These printers are offered at significantly reduced prices compared to new printers and can be a good alternative for some end users.

The remanufactured printers are available for order on the PRIMUS website as well as via phone, fax, and e-mail. Please see DYK 140 for ordering details and options.

PRIMUS part numbers are as follows:

OEM Remanufactured PrinterPRIMUS Part #Price
Cybertech Thermal Printer200723R$800.00
Keltron Thermal Printer400400AR$637.00
Keltron Impact Printer400012AR$520.00

Remanufactured printers carry a six months warranty for defects in materials and/or workmanship.

Have a question or having difficulties? Talk to Dave Schall, our PRIMUS sterilizer expert who is here to assist you anytime at 877.679.7800 extension 1212 or email at

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