The Handoff Package

With each steam sterilizer, PRIMUS includes a handoff package [placed inside the chamber] at the time of shipment.

The intent is to provide information and specific items to the end-user before the installation of the sterilizer. These handoff packages are provided at no charge.

What you will receive

All of the above items can also be purchased directly on the PRIMUS parts website.

Do I receive an Operator Manual?

Yes! Operator Manuals are mailed separately to domestic installs [unless it is specifically requested to include them with the sterilizer shipment]. Units shipped to Canada and other foreign countries will receive them in their product shipment.

NOTE: Three (3) manuals are shipped via UPS to the designated Authorized Service Agent (ASA) for each sterilizer purchased.

The ASA is responsible for retaining one manual and giving the remaining two manuals to the end user. A Letter of Transmittal is shipped with the manuals designating who is supposed to receive them.

Once the manuals are disseminated to the right parties, the completed Manual Delivery Form must be sent to PRIMUS for inclusion in PRIMUS records. This requirement is mandated by the FDA for all Healthcare sterilizers.

Additional hard copy manuals can also be purchased from PRIMUS.

Do I receive a Boiler Manual?

If a boiler is ordered, a Boiler Manual is placed in the boiler control box. Copies are also included as a section of the Operator Manual.

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