A Husbandry Manager is crucial in ensuring animals’ ethical and responsible care.

A Husbandry Manager in a vivarium is responsible for the overall care and management of animals within the controlled environment of the vivarium. A vivarium is a facility where live animals and plants are kept under conditions simulating their natural habitat for research, breeding, or conservation purposes.

Here are some of the responsibilities of a Husbandry Manager in a vivarium.

Animal Welfare:
Ensure the well-being of all animals under care, including proper nutrition, housing, and health monitoring.
Implement and oversee enrichment programs to promote the mental and physical health of the animals.

Facility Management:
Manage the day-to-day operations of the vivarium, including monitoring environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and lighting.
Oversee the cleanliness and hygiene of animal enclosures and facility areas.

Manage Breeding Programs:
Develops and implements breeding programs to maintain genetically diverse and healthy animal populations.
Monitors reproductive behaviors, assist with breeding procedures, and manage offspring.

Works Alongside the Veterinarian:
Works closely with veterinarians to monitor and address the health of animals.
Administer medications and treatments as prescribed by veterinarians.

Lots of Record Keeping:
Maintains accurate records of animal care, breeding activities, health observations, and other relevant data.
Ensure compliance with regulations and standards related to record-keeping in a vivarium.

Staff Training and Supervision:
Train and supervise husbandry staff in proper animal care procedures and facility protocols.
Conduct regular staff meetings and training sessions.

Makes Sure the Vivarium is in Compliance and Following Regulations:
Ensures compliance with ethical guidelines, regulations, and permits related to the care and use of animals in research or conservation.
Stays informed about changes in regulations and implement necessary adjustments.

Works with Researchers:
Collaborate with researchers to facilitate their studies by providing appropriate animal subjects and maintaining necessary conditions.
Support research projects by collecting and providing animal care and behavior data.

Manages the Vivarium’s Budget:
Develops and manages budgets for the vivarium, including animal care, equipment, and facility maintenance expenses.

Finds Ways to Constantly Improve the Vivarium Operations:
Identify areas for improvement in animal care practices, facility design, and operational efficiency.
Implement measures to enhance the overall functioning of the vivarium.

A Husbandry Manager is crucial in ensuring animals’ ethical and responsible care within a vivarium setting, supporting research, conservation, and educational objectives.

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