• Developed for General Purpose and Healthcare markets
  • Uses a proprietary PRIMUS control board
  • Easy to use
  • Simple / clean interface
  • Solid, reliable performance


  • Added functionality for Laboratory markets
  • Allen-Bradley PLC required by some end user customers
  • SLC500 processor / Soft touch buttons / Monochrome
  • Greater control and additional options
  • Validatable


  • Developed for Bio-Pharmaceutical markets
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Processor
  • Color touch screen
  • Additional functionality and control
  • Validatable

PSS8 – Trinity

  • Fills a gap between PSS5 & Allen-Bradley systems
  • Uses PRIMUS’ new proprietary control board & Opto 22 board
  • Mimics most PSS6 & PSS7 functionality, but at less cost
  • Footprint and I/0 structure is backward compatible with the PSS5. Provides an upgrade path for older units
  • Color touch screens


  • Fills a gap between PSS5 & upper end Allen-Bradley systems
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix Processor
  • Developed for General Purpose and Bio-Pharmaceutical markets
  • Similar to PSS8 – Trinity system
  • Color touch screens
  • LCD user interface on PLC for troubleshooting
  • Software upgradeable through memory module without PRIMUS Representative on-site
  • Validatable

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