To improve field performance, PRIMUS changed the diameter of the large diameter gasket in October 2011.

This material is used in large horizontal door sterilizers.

Virtually all field complaints have been eliminated with this change.

This change was based on feedback from our Authorized Service Agents (ASA) and internal PRIMUS service personnel and recorded in the PRIMUS Customer Service Call Log (CSCL). The adverse field feedback predominantly involved gasket installation difficulties.

The new design dimensions were based on extensive in-house testing and collaboration with the material supplier.

This change makes installing the gaskets easier.

  • The previous outside diameter of the gasket was 1.102+/- .051 inches
  • The new outside diameter is 1.085 +/- .031 inches
  • The inside diameter and durometer have not changed

The use of Dow Corning 111 lubricant is still encouraged on sterilizers using the Airto-Gasket option.

When ordered, all large-diameter gaskets are cut and the ends joined together at the PRIMUS facility in Omaha, Nebraska.

PRIMUS does not install large-diameter gaskets in the sterilizers when they are shipped from the Great Bend, Kansas manufacturing site. These gaskets are instead placed in the sterilizer chamber or shipped in a separate winterization package during certain periods of the year.

The above action helps the gaskets from becoming oval-shaped when new sterilizers are not started-up right away.

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