One or more 316L stainless steel baffles are placed in every PRIMUS steam sterilizer chamber to ensure proper distribution of the steam and to help minimize load wetting by condensate.

Depending on the size of the sterilizer, the baffle(s) are located on the top, back, or sides of the chamber and correspond to the steam entry point(s).

Baffles are bolted to the chamber. Although not normally needed, the baffles can be removed for chamber cleaning or other maintenance. (This should be avoided unless absolutely necessary as stainless steel bolts are susceptible to galling.)

Baffles are an important part of the overall sterilizer design and should always remain in the chamber.

Baffles are polished to the same <10 Ra Pri-Mirror® finish as the chamber.

Various baffle designs and chamber locations have been used by PRIMUS over the past twenty-five years in a continuous effort to improve sterilizer performance.

Baffles require no routine maintenance other than periodic cleaning.


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