PRIMUS recently developed standardized training materials for use during the InService Operating Technician training provided with each new sterilizer as part of the normal installation and start-up process.

The materials are available from your local PRIMUS Authorized Service Agent or Dealer. The materials can also be useful for refresher and new employee training.

The training topics include:

  • Sterilizer safety
  • Proper loading/unloading (General rules)
  • Overview of the sterilization process
  • What utilities and conditions does a sterilizer need to operate properly
  • Types and uses of sterilization cycles
  • Control systems details
  • Sterilizer start-up and cycle selection process
  • Alarms – what they mean and what actions to take
  • Daily preventive maintenance by operators
  • Common do’s and don’ts
  • Getting help from the ASA, qualified in-house technicians, and PRIMUS

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