PRI Saver water conservation system for small to medium PRIMUS sterilizer from spire integrated solutions

See the savings in your bottom line within the first year of use.

The PRI-Saver™ Water Conservation System is designed for medium and large sterilizer units. This system reduces the vacuum pump water usage ninety percent allow clinics, hospitals and laboratories to operate an environmentally-friendly facility while saving water and money at the same time.

When sustainability is key to your organization, PRI-Saver is part of the solution.

Spire Integrated Solutions

Why PRI-Saver?

Because a standard steam sterilizer cycle disposes water several times per cycle. Did you know that some small and medium sterilizers disposes an average of 300 gallons per day? That’s insane! And wasteful, too.

Don’t waste valuable resources just to throw money down the drain. There is an attachable solution to your steam sterilizer…PRI-Saver from Spire Integrated Solutions.

How does the PRI-Saver work?

Step 1: Service liquid that enters the vacuum pump is discharged into the recirculation tank.

Step 2: The service liquid from the tank is cooled using a separate heat exchanger from the sterilizer heat exchanger.

Step 3: Cooled service liquid is returned to the vacuum pump.

  • Approximately 90% of the total service liquid flow is comprised of the recirculated liquid
  • Approximately 10% of freshwater supply is added to the flow as a make-up water
  • The recirculation tank provides for the discharge of overflow in the drain
  • The recirculation tank provides for manual drain

PRI-Saver™ Features

Low service liquid usage – minimizes waste liquid from the pump up to 90%

The compact design includes a vacuum pump, recirculation tank, and heat exchanger along with necessary components, and plumbing assembled on a skid, ready for integration.

Separate chilled water supply and chilled water return connections to the recirculation water heat exchanger are required.

Makeup water supply is required.

The system design prevents the pump from starting in a “flooded” state.

Service liquid contained and separated from the clean cooling supply – no cooling water contamination.

The Importance of Pri-Saver onboard a PRIMUS Sterilizer

PRI-Saver™ onboard a PRIMUS sterilizer significantly decreases water usage 90% each time you run a sterilizer cycle. That is a savings of thousands of gallons of water per year. See the savings in your bottom line within the first year of use.

More Information

PRI-Saver information sheet

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