The PRIMUS MEW establishes the following steam sterilizer warranties:

  • The Parts warranty covers the first twelve (12) months following start-up caused by defects in materials and workmanship
  • The Labor warranty is for 90 days following the sterilizer start-up
  • 15-year/10-year pressure vessel warranty

Parts Warranty

The Parts warranty is twelve (12) months from sterilizer start-up or 18 months from the ship date – whichever occurs first. The start-up date is normally conveyed to PRIMUS by the ASA responsible for the sterilizer installation, start-up, in-service training, and 90-day PM.

The Parts warranty specifically does not cover expendable parts such as door gaskets, valve kits, fuses, filters, or printer paper which are consumed as a matter of course during the sterilization process.

Labor Warranty

The Labor warranty is 90 days from start-up unless the end user customer purchases an M-9 Maintenance Contract from PRIMUS. The M-9 provides an additional nine (9) months of labor warranty.

PRIMUS encourages sterilizer owners to contract directly with a PRIMUS ASA for an extended Preventive Maintenance Service Contract once the PRIMUS warranty period has expired.

Pressure Vessel Warranty (Chamber, Jacket, Door(s))

The pressure vessel warranty is fifteen (15) years from the shipment date as long as the sterilizer is continuously serviced directly by PRIMUS, a PRIMUS-trained Authorized Service Agent (ASA), or a trained in-house maintenance technician.

Independent of whether the sterilizer is maintained by a third-party ASA or in-house maintenance technician, attendance at the PRIMUS Steam Sterilizer School is mandatory for the 15-year pressure vessel warranty to remain in effect.

If the sterilizer is not continuously serviced by PRIMUS or a PRIMUS-trained service provider, the pressure vessel warranty is reduced to 10 years. The pressure vessel warranty does not cover abuse or a chemical attack by corrosive chemicals or chlorides.

Where to Find the PRIMUS MEW

The PRIMUS MEW is posted on the PRIMUS website at www.primus-sterilizer.com.

It is also included in each sterilizer’s Operator Manual.

Communicating MEW Provisions to End User Customers

As with any piece of capital equipment, end-user customers should make themselves fully knowledgeable of the provisions of the PRIMUS MEW. This will help avoid any potential confusion, misunderstanding, or disappointment due to inaccurate assumptions or lack of information.

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