The maintenance functions on the PSS9 are accessible only by use of a maintenance key which is normally located on the front of the sterilizer, just below the printer.

The maintenance key switch must be turned to the ON position to access the MAINTENANCE screen. The ON (Maintenance Mode) position for the maintenance key is always to the LEFT and the OFF position (Run Mode) is always to the RIGHT.

Some maintenance keys will have a label plate that indicates ON and OFF. If there is no label plate, the key still works the same way: ON – turn the key to the LEFT position, OFF – turn the key to the RIGHT position.


If the sterilizer screen shows the DOOR STATUS screen, turning the maintenance key to the ON (left) position will place the sterilizer in MAINTENANCE mode and the MAINTENANCE screen (Figure 2) will appear.

Figure 2 MAINTENANCE Screen

In order to access the maintenance functions shown on the MAINTENANCE screen, the operator must LOGIN before being allowed access to any maintenance functions. The LOGON ID also controls which maintenance functions the operator has available.

Once maintenance is finished and the maintenance key is returned to the OFF position, the operator may need to LOGIN to the sterilizer before being able to operate the controls.

Door Maintenance

The maintenance key is also required to be used if the sterilizer software detects an illegal state for doors and door gaskets and displays the DOOR MAINTENANCE REQUIRED screen (Figure 3).

The maintenance key will have to be turned to the ON position (left) to go into maintenance mode and the DOOR MAINTENANCE REQUIRED screen (Figure 3) will be replaced by the standard MAINTENANCE screen (Figure 2).

Once the problem is resolved, turning the key back to the OFF (right) position will return the sterilizer controls to its previous state.


If no buttons seem to work while in Maintenance mode, verify that an operator is logged into the screen.

A message “_______ has Logged In,” where “_______” can be any one of the five login categories, will be visible on the screen.

Once the sterilizer has been returned to the normal mode of operation, the operator may be required to LOGIN once again before continuing to operate the sterilizer.

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