The basic advantages, functions and features of a PRIMUS PRI-Spray™ cooling sterilizer using the PSS8 Trinity controller.

While adding the water spray feature, the sterilizer will also be fully capable of performing traditional gravity, vacuum and liquid cycles. This provides the ultimate in operational flexibility for those end users who sterilizer a wide range of products.

How the PRIMUS PRI-Spray™ Cooling System Works
Spray cooling is an optional phase that executes immediately after the Liquid Sterilization phase and before the Exhaust and Dry phase.

Spray cooling is primarily used to quickly cool liquids by rapidly extracting heat from the chamber and the respective liquids at the end of sterilization. The extraction of heat is achieved by draining the jacket and spraying temperature controlled water throughout the chamber that is recaptured in a
holding tank.

A load probe is used to monitor the temperature of the liquid. As temperature controlled water is sprayed into the chamber, the chamber pressure is maintained within a range as set by the UPPER PRESSURE (around 17 PSIA) and LOWER PRESSURE (14.7 PSIA) parameters (configurable by the end user) by alternately injecting compressed air into the chamber and removing the air/water mixture to
prevent liquid boil off.

When the liquid load temperature falls below the boiling point, chamber pressure is reduced and water continues to be circulated until the load temperature reaches the LOWER TEMPERATURE setpoint (around 60 degrees Celsius, configurable by the end user). At this point, the water spray is terminated and the phase completes by removing any further pressure in the chamber.

The sterilizer then advances to the Exhaust and Dry phase.

Typical End User Applications
End users who need to significantly improve their liquid products throughput, tightly control a product’s “time at temperature” and consequently reduce their total cost of ownership will find the PRIMUS PRI-Spray™ cooling sterilizer particularly attractive.

Some specific applications are:
Solutions prepared for the formulation of serums
Solutions desiccated into powder for longer storage life
Media and sterile distilled water for laboratory analyses

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