PRIMUS offers a complete line of loading equipment for 21 standard sterilizer sizes plus custom-sized.

In applications where loading equipment is not feasible, PRIMUS offers internal shelving for small and medium size sterilizers.

All loading equipment is designed to be easy to use with minimal effort in transporting loads. Versatility is incorporated in every component to meet the needs of ever-changing facility loading configurations.

The loading equipment varies with the type, size, and intended use of the sterilizer. Loading equipment can be purchased in 304 or 316L stainless steel configurations depending on the application.

An additional “Heavy Duty” loading equipment option is available for instances when operating weights are going to exceed the limits of the standard loading equipment.

NOTE PRIMUS loading equipment is not nickle or chrome plate – stainless steel

Available Configurations


Shelving is available on all small and medium sterilizers up to 49” in length. PRIMUS offers both internal shelving and loading equipment. This allows the end user to decide which option is appropriate for the application and available space.

PRIMUS offers 2 interior shelving designs. The standard offering is the oven rack design with the wire mesh type available as an options. The PRIMUS standard is one extendable bottom shelf. Additional adjustable/ extendable shelves are available as an option.

Loading Carts and Transfer Carriages

PRIMUS offers a Loading Cart and Transfer Carriage option for all small vertical doors and medium and large up to 26x63x76 inch horizontal door sterilizers.

Loading equipment consists of two parts, a Transfer Carriage, and a Loading Cart.

PRIMUS Sterilizer transfer carriage and loading cart spire integrated solutions

Loading Carts and Transfer Carriages are available for all chamber sizes 9 cubic feet and larger.

The wheeled Transfer Carriage is used to move the assembly from the loading area to the sterilizer. Its companion, the Loading Cart, carries the load into the chamber for sterilization.

A standard Transfer Carriage consists of a welded 304 stainless steel frame or optional 316L stainless steel.

Each Transfer Carriage has four pin-mounted swivel casters with a swivel lock and 5″ diameter non-marking high-temperature wheels with wheel brakes. One bottom shelf and one adjustable shelf are standard. Additional shelving is offered as an option.

All Loading Carts offer adjustable shelving for versatile loading configurations. Loading Carts come standard with one bottom shelf and one intermediate shelf. Additional shelves are available. All loading equipment welds are ground and the entire unit is electropolished.

On chamber depths up to 49″, the Loading Cart shelves are supported at each end. Deeper chambers up to 67″ have side-supported shelves with center support to reduce shelf deflection.

One Set of Two Half Carts for Sterilizers 60″ Deep or Longer

All sterilizer chambers 60″ deep or longer use one set of two Half Carts for ease of loading and unloading the sterilizer.

Using a Loading Cart and Transfer Carriage

In the Loading Cart/Transfer Carriage system, the sterilizer operator loads material to be sterilized on the Loading Cart. The cart is then wheeled over to the sterilizer on the Transfer Carriage.

  • With the sterilizer door open, the Transfer Carriage is aligned with the sterilizer chamber.
  • The locks on the Transfer Carriage wheels are applied.
  • The Loading Cart is then unlocked from the Transfer Carriage and pushed into the sterilizer chamber.
  • Once the Loading Cart is securely placed within the sterilizer chamber, the Transfer Carriage is pulled back and the sterilizer door is closed to begin the sterilization cycle.
  • At the end of the sterilization cycle, the process is reversed unless the sterilizer is supplied in a double-door arrangement.
  • If the sterilizer is equipped in a double door configuration, many times the Loading Cart will be removed from the opposite door. Thus, most double-door sterilizers have at least one Loading Cart and two Transfer Carriages.

Drop Leg Loading Cart

The PRIMUS Drop Leg Loading Cart is a Transfer Carriage and Loading Cart combined in one unit.

Carts are available for medium and large chamber sizes from a 26×36 up to a 35×57 opening.

Drop Leg Loading Carts were designed specifically for facilities with space constraints that do not allow for a traditional Loading Cart and Transfer Carriage.

The space-saving design eliminates the need for a separate Transfer Carriage and Loading Cart. The entire Drop Leg Loading Cart remains locked in place on tracks in the chamber.

A Drop Leg Loading Cart is operated as follows:

  • Unlock the pins
  • Rotate the legs down to roll out for loading/unloading
  • Load the cart
  • Pushcart into the chamber
  • Rotate the wheels up
  • Lock the pins

Drop Leg Loading Carts have 4 high-temperature sterilizable wheels for long-life performance.

Materials are all 304 stainless steel angle and square tubing with ground welded joints. The entire unit is electropolished.

Heavy Duty Loading Cart and Transfer Carriage

A Heavy Duty Loading Cart and Transfer Carriage is available for the full range of chamber sizes from 20×20 up to 72×86 inches.

Heavy Duty Loading Carts and Transfer Carriages were developed for heavier liquid loads typically used in Life Science, Vivarium, and BioPharma markets.

A Heavy Duty Loading Cart and Transfer Carriage has reinforcements and heavier gauge metal.

Materials are all stainless steel angle and square tubing with ground welded joints. The entire unit is electropolished.

A Heavy Duty Transfer Carriage includes 4 pin-mounted swivel casters with swivel locks and 5″ diameter wheels with wheel brakes.

Floor Carts

PRIMUS offers a full line of Floor Carts for use with pit-mounted bulk sterilizers. The advantage of a pit-mounted bulk sterilizer is that the sterilizer is installed into a pit. This allows the interior sterilizer chamber floor to sit level with the facility floor.

In this arrangement, which is used in many vivarium applications, materials are loaded directly on the Floor Cart. The entire Floor Cart is then placed in the sterilizer and remains there during the entire sterilization cycle.

Floor Cart

Floor carts have 4 non-marking high-temperature sterilizable wheels.

The cart is easily guided into position. Rub rails prevent the cart from contacting the chamber sides.

Optional side and end rails for floor carts are offered to support loose packaged items loaded onto a shelf. Additionally, an optional load support bar slides along the side rails allowing loose items to be stacked on a shelf without falling over.

Heavy Duty Floor Carts have 4, high-temperature, sterilizable wheels for long-life performance.

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