PRIMUS has solved the problem of mineral buildup and chlorides entering the PRIMUS sterilizer boiler with the PRI-PURE Reverse Osmosis System.

PRI-PURE is designed and recommended for all PRIMUS small sterilizers with integral carbon steel boilers.

These boilers have been typically operated with municipal water. Municipal water is not typically treated to remove minerals and chlorides. Therefore, those minerals and chlorides build up and, over time, harm the steam sterilizer’s boiler and, eventually, the sterilizer.

Why consider the PRI-Pure Reverse Osmosis System on your PRIMUS sterilizer?

  • It extends your boiler life
  • It increases heating element life
  • It reduces up to 99% of chlorides, water hardness (CaCO3), Volatile Organic Chemicals and Total Dissolved Solids

What is the PRI-Pure Reverse Osmosis System?

When the PRI-PURE Reverse Osmosis System is used with softened water, the system can remove up to 99% of damaging contaminants from the boiler (significantly increasing the boiler’s life and sterilizer life!).


  • Produces 100G/DAY AT 80 PSIG inlet pressure
  • Electrical service is not needed
  • Extensive pre-filtration
  • Integral-mounted compact design
  • Built-in inlet pressure gauge
  • Built-in PRIMUS stainless steel storage tank
  • Built-in flush valve
  • Built-in bypass
  • Easy service plumbing
  • Easy-to-change filtration bank
  • Standard PRIMUS warranty
  • Easy online ordering from our PRIMUS parts store for replacement filters

Available Options

  • Aftermarket installation kit (P/N 212700) Side Mount and Rear Mount
  • Boost pump for low inlet water pressure
  • PRIMUS warranty option (Option P30)

Additionally, PRIMUS recognizes the need for the protection offered by converting high-quality water into steam.

The PRI-PURE Reverse Osmosis System combines a user-friendly, easy-service plumbing and filtration bank with a fully functional, compact integral design.

Plus, The storage tank is made with standard high-quality PRIMUS stainless steel, and the PRIMUS warranty option covers the unit (Option P30).

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